Media Three Corporation, Inc. ("Media3") is a facilities-based cLEC (competitive Local Exchange Carrier), international long distance and broadband services provider to more than 200,000 business and residential customers in 15 US States. The Company, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with network operations, points of presence throughout NYC and New York State.

Media Three Corporation, Inc. ("Media3") acquired EOT Communications, Inc. March 1, 2012.
Media3 will continue to provide services which EOT clients have enjoyed since 1996 and is committed to the same basic strategy that has made EOT a household name in communities throughout NYC – a "smart-build" network consisting of the most cost-efficient, reliable technology that delivers more for the money - the lowest-cost local, national and international phone service, easy installation, and bandwidth up to 200Mbps. More information about EOT:

August 2012 Media3 will add TV to its phone-broadband bundle, creating a premium triple-play service that costs less than comparable packages from FiOS, Time Warner and Cablevision. The service will deliver cable-TV's most comprehensive global service packages. In addition to generally-available, HD and premium cable stations, Media3 will offer more than 50 Chinese stations and other a la carte broadcast bundles from all over the world – India, Korea, Viet-Nam, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Israel and the Middle-East.


Commercial Double-Play (hot-link) – We bring services via fiber direct to your building. Media Three initially dedicates 1 to 10 Gigabits bandwidth to any NYC commercial property; we deliver services to building suites without disturbing building infrastructure or operations. We need to bring fiber to your building basement and cross-connect to existing copper risers thru the building phone cabinet.
Our smart-build network addresses the considerations of property owners/managers who’s occupants desire fast, reliable and inexpensive Internet, state-of-the–art phone and TV services and fast, clean installation. We bring fiber directly to building basement and use advanced VDSL2 technology to deliver up to 100Mbps per copper-risers cross-connection.
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